Friday, February 20, 2009


hi baby!

i forgot to tell you that a few weeks ago mommy and daddy left you with a babysitter, well, 2 babysitters, for the first time. we took grandmother to church and two of mommy's friends, kristin and becky, stayed with you. kristin is a picu nurse and becky is a pediatric er nurse, so we figured they were as qualified as they come=) it was tough getting out the door-we were an hour late to church=) walking out the door i felt like i was either going to throw up or start crying, but neither happened=) nobody questioned how late we were-i think they understood...and you did great!!! i expected you to fall right to sleep after we left but when i called to check on you they said you hadn't slept a wink but were wide awake and playing and flapping your arms and legs and grinning and laughing constantly at them!!! you had fun=) we are so thankful for mommy's great friends who happened to know a thing or two about kids with medical issues. i think God has been very sweet with that-ok let me explain what "that" is. mommy is in graduate school to be a pediatric nurse practitioner. i actually would've graduated last december but when you arrived and looked like you were gonna stick around, i lightened my class load. so anyway i have no idea what turn my career will take when i graduate or how exactly i'll use that degree, but i think God put me in that program right now for a reason-to meet these people, both friends and pediatricians, who would be so helpful with you right now. there is a verse about that in esther that talks about a woman being in a particular place for a particular reason "for such a time as this...". He is sweet to us and takes such better care of us than we can even imagine or even realize. that's fun to think about-how God is doing so much more for us behind the scenes than we can recognize. i wonder if He'll open our eyes to that when we are with Him in heaven. one day you and i will talk about this and i'll see what you think.

ok so that's what i wanted to tell you-that you stayed with babysitters for the first time=) i love you baby-



Anonymous said...

Oh how wonderful! Baby steps, how perfect :) And yes everyone at church understood, I'm sure.

You mentioned a verse "as such a times as this." There is actually a Christian singer "Crystal Lewis" who has a song called that. You should check it out.

Fer said...

I'm glad Catherine did well and you were able to go out a little.

mom said...

kiss her for me.