Tuesday, February 3, 2009

side notes

hi sweet girl=)

there are a couple things i wanted you to know and i couldn't remember if i already told you. sometimes we'll look over at you and you'll be staring at us, and then we smile and start talking to you and you get this big grin on your face and usually poke your tongue out through your smile. we love it=) and also, when you start smiling like this, you have the cutest dimple that comes out just on your right cheek. i don't think i've ever really been close to anyone with dimples before, so i'm loving this=)

you're having the best time with grandmother sweet girl...i'll tell you about it and show you pictures soon=)

love you baby-



Kristy said...

Such a good mommy you are journaling all the little things about Catherine. She will appreciate it so much one day! It sounds like a good graduation or wedding day present to me! :)

Erin said...


Anonymous said...

Hi :) I found you through Erin. Your letters to your daughter are heartwarming. So wonderful that you're consistent with this. I, too, agree with Kristy that one day your Catherine will really appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful :) I love side notes!

Deb said...

I'm so glad to hear all of your good news! You're a smart mama to keep track of all of Catherine's acheivements! And sounds like Catherine is just naturally a smart girl:)

Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Dimples are the best!!

Betty said...

Oh my what a precious baby girl. Katie, it is so good to see Catherine grow, smile, do all the "baby things" and look so content with life. She is just beautiul. Darlene and I stay up to date on what's going on with her. You and Donnie are such great parents, but I knew you would be. Love to all three of you.