Thursday, September 4, 2008

happy due date!


happy due date my sweet girl! it's funny to think that today is the day you were expected to come out and see us, but you've already been through so much in your little 2 weeks and 2 days life=) as daddy has already told you, you had surgery 2 days ago and you did great! it was a tough one-the surgeon said he didn't have much diaphragm muscle to work with so the patch took longer than expected to sew in its place. you really didn't have any major complications during surgery-there was a little period of time where your heart rate got really high, but they fixed that pretty quickly. and you lost just a little bit of blood but that got replaced after you came back to the nicu. they also said your little left lung was bigger than expected-that was great news=) (i think daddy said we would now call that your "big little lung"...) you got out of surgery around 5pm, and at 2am they got to turn off your blood pressure medicine (which is considered a "life saving" medicine so being on it boosts your critical status) so that is great news! they also started weaning your other blood pressure medicine at the same time, and since then your blood pressure has been behaving! so now what we're needing to happen is for the fluid around your lungs to go away and give the lungs more room to grow and expand and do their job-just get oxygen into your body and get co2 out of your body. they're doing better, but they've got a ways to go for sure. i'm so proud of you my sweet one=) you are so strong and brave. you know what's a little funny? well, not really funny but we smile about it because what else are we gonna do? you've gotten so puffy and swollen since surgery!!! daddy kisses your head and his lips and nose leave little indentations=) he came up to your bed the first day he saw you swollen and said "hey puffy baby!" and i thought it was cute=) so now that we're talking about your daddy, let me tell you how ridiculously excited he's been since you came successfully out of surgery! he really was walking around so giddy that afternoon and yesterday-and he keeps singing all these songs about you. here's one of my favorites:

you are my catherine-shine
my only catherine-shine
you make me happy
when skies are gray...
you'll never know catherine
how much i love you
so please don't take
my catherine-shine away

you'll learn how that song really goes one day, but i like the one with your name in it better=) he's also started doing his school work beside your little bed in the nicu. we're very lucky he gets to do that here. he just looks up every now and then, and if i'm standing next to you he'll ask me to rub your head for him=) oh guess what else??? i've never seen a man get more ridiculous over a baby opening her eyes!!! i completely understand and share his sentiment, of course, but i think it's so cute how quickly he comes if i tell him you're awake and we can see your pretty little eyes=) we love you my precious girl, and we can't get enough of you. every now and then i start feeling so impatient like i just want to have you home with us, but then i quickly remember how far we've come, and how we didn't even think we'd have you this long. so then i just thank God again for how good He's been to us, and how He's blessed us with you, my love, and how i still have no idea what He's doing but i know He's smiling sweetly up there as He looks at us and He's continuing to hold us all closely. i pray that He would breathe His breath of life in and through you, and that He would continue to heal your little body. i also pray that you would bond with Jesus during this time and He would whisper sweet stories and songs in your ear...these are simple prayers, but sometimes my head feels overwhelmed thinking about what else i should pray, and i think God is ok with that. He knows our hearts, and He knows we trust Him. i hope you can feel how much He loves you.

you are our hearts' delight my sweet one=)



Deb said...

Oh Katie, I'm so happy for you all!! This is wonderful news! God is good, and he's in the business of miracles! I think we've experienced one in your little Catherine. I think all babies are special, but I must say the Miss Catherine has to be at the top of the list!
Rejoicing with you!

Debbie said...

Wonderful, wonderful news baby Catherine....keep getting stronger and stronger little one and before you know it, you will have a new home to go to, with your own little room, your own little bed and lots of toys. You already have the best part-a mommy and daddy who love you very much little angel. You are in my thoughts every day.
Love to you all, Debbie Campbell

Beth G. said...

THANKS for the update. I tried to get a hold of Emilie today but you probably know its hard to get her :) (I love you Emilie if you read this!!)

I am so glad things are going well. It's such wonderful news to read!! I have people all over this country praying for Catherine... He is answering these prayers!!
God Bless!

Erin said...

I just cannot even believe this. This is amazing. God has big plans, much larger than we can comprehend. :)

I adore you!

Pinks and Blues said...

Your sweet words to your little baby Catherine are like sugared gum drops of love... each one full and luscious and colorful! I love reading your sweet candy words... I love it!

Sharon - Mom Generations (formerly Pinks & Blues)

Dotty said...

My heart and Soul rejoice when i read these letters, Catherine is a Blessing from God! how wonderful it is to read your most precious words to her. thank you for allowing me to. my prayers have been with her. God Bless!!
fellow cdh mom

Summer Pendley said...

Katie, although I haven't commented thus far, there hasn't been a day that I haven't checked the blog or facebook or called someone trying to get the latest on that sweet girl...Catherine. I am SO overjoyed and overwhelmed at what God is doing in your lives and the life of that little precious girl. My prayers will continue, I promise! She is such a special gift, isn't she?

AtlantaMama said...

Amazing Amazing news!! We are thrilled and happy for the update. We will continue to pray over the things you listed and for her sweet lungs. God is SO good! We love all 3 of you very much!!!

Anonymous said...

OH GLORIOUS DAY! My Chestough's are all doing well, and sweet little Chestough too ;). Katia, I love your prayers for her-we think a lot alike~ Please give family a big hug from me and say hello to sweet girl from Auntie =). Love ya'll

Mary Ann said...

I am overjoyed knowing Catherine is improving. Prayers and thank you Katie and Donnie for keeping me up to date. My thoughts are with all of you and God Bless you all. You will never know how inspiring you both are with your Faith and the way you are able to share with your words of love for Him and your precious child.

hannah and tony said...

Praise Jesus! I am overjoyed with how well you are doing sweet Catherine. You are an amazing little girl! Keep up the great work :)

Katie, my darling friend, you are so right that even when you are overwhelmed by what to pray to God, He is totally okay with that--the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express (Romans 8:26).

I love ya'll!

Writeaway said...

This is just miraculous - and a real faith builder for all of us who pray for Catherine and love you guys! Come on, Jesus.... pour it on! Heap your love and healing mercy on that precious baby girl!

Anonymous said...

wow. that's all i can say! thanks, katie, for writing things to catherine that make us all cry as we read and rejoice in front of our computer screens! i cannot wait to get to know this little girl. love you, lib

Anonymous said...

Katie and Donnie,

So glad Catherine is continuing to improve each day and get stronger. God is good and I am so glad He has allowed you both to be Catherine's Family. I continue to pray the she steadily improves and gets to come home with you soon.

Catherine, happy due date my love, a day late.

Courtney said...

Awesome,awesome that we can celebrate this day. I can't wait for more good news.

Anonymous said...

I am just so gloriously reminded of the power of prayer & thank you for sharing the story to tell all His Glory! I am so excited at the miracle being worked & the belief that it is spreading. Katie, you & Donnie are wonderous in your faith & walk. I am awed. Bless your lovely little family!

Elizabeth said...

Found "Letters to Catherine" through Miss Sophia Miller's blog. I am actually in Charlottesville, VA and know many of the folks at UVA - and am a CDH Mom too.

I will keep Miss Catherine in my thoughts and prayers and also LUNG FUNCTION chants. I also run a small organization called Breath of Hope for CDH Families and friends.

Keep it up sweet Catherine,

laurakirkland said...

Whew Hoo!!!!!!!
I just got back from vacation and was so excited when I checked the blog. I am also thrilled about the heart update! That is BIG!! What a gift from God that you don't have to go through that surgery. I love the latest family picture. You are all truly in the palm of his hands, ya'll... We will keep praying!