Sunday, January 16, 2011

catherine sees the ocean

we went to charleston the day after you came home from the hospital. you had an appointment with the guy who dr rodgers recommended for us to get a second opinion. you had never seen the ocean, so we tried to find one happy thing from an otherwise crummy day, and walked along the beach for a minute. you were fairly unimpressed, which i 100% attribute to the fact that you had surgery 5 days prior and were feeling generally awful. it was still nice to be on the beach with you=) i am confident you'll love it and play around splashing and chasing seagulls and getting good and sandy next time we go. here you are...first time on the beach:

you were pretty focused on the sand you'd just gotten on your fingers.

i think we're too far away to really tell, but you were pouting with your bottom lip poked out and everything. i am trying not to laugh.

love you sweet girl. i don't care what these pictures show, i still think you're a beach babe in the making.



Deb said...

Hi Katie!
There is something so tender and sweet about these pictures! I hope that things are going well for you all and I think of you often:)

*super dude* said...

I see a beach babe in the making! I'm glad to see that Catherine is home and I hope she bounces back quickly.
-Kellie (Carter's mom)