Tuesday, January 11, 2011

snow day=)

hi love=)

this has been a very snowy week. mommy and daddy got to stay home from work monday and the 3 of us played with max and his parents hayley and arnold all day! it was lots of fun! we went sledding and threw snowballs and you and max crawled around in the snow. when you went sledding down the hill on my lap i think you ate some snow so after that you kept saying your mouth hurt and asking me to fix it...so we went inside and you and max took a warm bath. then we ate chili and fruit and ice cream (yes. ice cream. even on snow days it's my favorite.) and watched movies and played all day. it was a happy day for all of us. so what if we all started feeling a little sick last night? it was worth it. i think. look at all the fun we had=)

this is funny. to me, at least. look at this picture from last year in the snow...

and now look at this picture from yesterday in the snow...

apparently you like to take off your glove in the snow and stare at your cold hand=)

here are some more.

ready for the cold weather!!

helping mommy make chili=) i love this picture so much i just can't even stand it.

the snow is here!

not the worst view in the world. definitely not the best, either.

i loved watching all the families come out and make snow angels and snowmen.

it was like our little complex came bustling to life once the snow arrived. we saw people we didn't know were our neighbors=) later that night we watched a bunch of grown men, or at least college students, having a serious snowball fight.

arnold, hayley, max, catherine, and mommy=)

i love this. what a beautiful boy=)

you two. being cute.

snow covered booties.

giving hayley this glove that you clearly didn't need.

we went into lowe's on our way to go sledding to warm up. this is you deciding if you want to go back outside again=)

ready to sled down the hill!

arnold was REALLY excited about taking max sledding. unfortunately, max was totally fed up with the cold at this point and cried from here until we got him in the bath tub.

don't be deceived. in about 5 seconds max started flapping his arms around giggling at everything. he was a much happier camper in the warm water.

we looked over and you had gotten yourself into my boots. it was hilarious-looking, but these pictures don't do it justice.

you are so fun sweet angel. i love you.



Kristy said...

ummm...she is so stinkin' adorable I can't stand it! We need to plan a playdate in Clemson when it warms up!

Anonymous said...

Cutest Girl ever!

Abby and Pete said...

oh I LOVE those movies! how fun!