Tuesday, January 4, 2011

christmas pictures and videos, etc.

hi love=)

welcome to 2011. you will be 3 this year. what a fun little girl you're growing up to be=)

i have lots of pictures to show you from christmas time. and lots of videos. and other random things to say.

like daddy and i took you to see your first movie in the movie theater last weekend! we saw tangled and it was super cute. i was probably the most interested in the actual movie out of all 3 of us, which is fine with me and not a surprise at all. you flipping love popcorn. which is how we got you to sit still for the first hour. you ate half of a medium popcorn all by yourself. and then you got full and wanted to explore a little. so you did, just a little, and we made it through the whole movie and you were DEFINITELY not the loudest one in the theater. which is all i wanted really=) and then we gave you a good scrubbing in the bathtub once we got home because movie theaters are kind of disgusting. all around, a successful first trip to the movie theater. kudos to your daddy for being persistent in his request for that little outing. oh! and this was my favorite part. we were driving home after the movie and you're sitting in the back seat yelling "tangled! tangled! tangled! i like that!". daddy and i kept yelling it too for the rest of the weekend.

for a while now you have been telling us you love us if we give you great big prompts that that's what you're supposed to say=) but lately you've been randomly saying "i love mommy. i love daddy. catherine loves mommy. catherine loves daddy" while you're sitting somewhere by yourself playing. kind of talking to yourself. i love it=) makes my heart swell 3 sizes. just like the grinch.

you've always called yourself "cat-n"and lately you've been saying "cafren" which makes you such a big girl. t-h is hard really. so i'm in no hurry for you to get it exactly right. we'll ask you what your whole name is and you say "cat-n ree davis". and if we ask you what jackson calls you you'll say "bobby jo davis". because that's what jackson calls you. we have no idea why. he made it up one day and you both think it's hilarious. it's like your alter ego bobby jo davis comes out when you get around your big boy cousin=)

speaking of "t-h" being hard to say...one of our favorite words you say lately is "those". you basically say "wose" and on the s you accidentally smile by showing all your bottom teeth. i have a ridiculous video of me trying REALLY hard to get you to say it, but it's hardly worth sharing because: a) it's in the dark, and b) you aren't getting my hints until the very end when daddy calls me out and i just tell you to say it. so nobody will think it's funny except me and daddy. but i know i'm gonna share it anyway. so here it is:

here are some videos from christmas time. the first one is from when gigi brought you an elmo ornament. another one of our favorite words for you to say lately is ornament. you basically say "oh-muh-nent" and we think you're the cutest thing. nothing new there. but here's the video:

you also got pretty interested in these little snowmen i had in our kitchen. it's a group of 3 that get progressively smaller, and you decided that they were daddy snowman, mommy snowman, and cafren snowman. here you are telling me about them:

people are asking how you're doing since surgery, and i've been saying better than ever. it's true. i wish we knew it could stay that way and there wasn't another surgery in your future. but we won't dwell on that. you really are so energetic and eating more than ever and you're really a happy smiley little thing. sometimes you'll tell me that your tummy hurts "up here" and point to your chest and that freaks me out a little. but it's not like i didn't already know that's where your stomach was, right? i just don't like being reminded. and i don't like you hurting. but daddy and i went to play tennis the other day and you came along to play with the pink tennis balls and drag around one of our old tennis rackets. you would cheer us on and yell at me to look at your pink tennis ball. and then you would yell "good job mom!" when daddy would tell you to say it=)and here is a video of you very enthusiastically reading a book with daddy. cutie pie=)

i think that's the end of the videos for now. i have a ton of pictures to show you, but today i'll stick with the ones from christmas.

you and grandaddy being reindeer=)

you think it's way fun when grandaddy dresses up like santa!

i love that everybody is laughing=)

this would have been our christmas card picture, had i gotten my act together and dressed us up sooner=)

mommy and daddy love catherine=)

trying out the goodies from your stocking on daddy

your art desk from santa was a big hit=)

you loved your dora guitar!

daddy did too=)

showing your sweet cousin ellie how fun daddy's phone can be=)

playing with the village under gigi's christmas tree. i love this picture because that was one of my favorite things to do growing up!

i love gigi's house at christmas=)

daddy went outside and brought you a snowball. you wanted to lick it=)

jackson, anna cate, and catherine. sweet cousins=)

the torrance family christmas picture

daddy and i look like we're about to fall asleep, but i LOVE your face here! what are you thinking about...looking at your mommy so sweetly??

"helping" us open presents=)

you and jackson, playing like little angels.

i sat in this one chair at gigi's and looked out this window all day long=) it was lots of fun and very peaceful watching the snow fall!

snow pictures=)

now you're showing cousin hazel how much fun daddy's phone can be=) (daddy got a talking tomcat app on his phone and it was the hit of christmas...kept all our sweet babies happy=))

grandipa gave you a scooter for christmas! i can tell by your face that it is LOTS OF FUN!!!

mommy got to see shelly and robyn for about 15 seconds. it was not nearly long enough, but it was better than nothing!

gigi and jackson and anna cate and you played "secret agents." your name was agent big. all four of you took it very seriously=)

my sweet little firefighter=)

Lord have mercy.

this was easily my favorite family picture from christmas=) daddy got new sunglasses, obviously.

you and that popcorn.

my sweet sweet girl=)

being so kind as to share your popcorn with uncle matthew.

you are so fun. i love you sweet angel.

ps. you love corn lately. i mean seriously love corn. you wake up in the morning and the first thing you say is "I WANT TO-ORN!!!" so you have corn most mornings for breakfast. i don't see any problem with that.

pps. look what i saw daddy doing the other night....

yep. reading twilight. and then this next one is when he realized i was taking a picture of him reading twilight=)

AAAAAAH!!!!!! is that awesome or what? well, i can think of a very small handful of people that will think that is awesome. mostly women and pathetic twilight fanatics like myself. some days i think about how obsessed i was (am) with those books and i don't think i have any right to be a mother or really a grown-up at all. but at least i'm not alone in my pathetic state. feel free to make fun of me. but to all you naysayers who are laughing at donnie right now, think twice before you make fun of this husband of mine. i asked him why he was reading it and he said he just wanted to read something i love and see why i love it so much. he is getting some major points in the wife department for this. good move, donnie.


The Hankinson's said...

videos are too cute! I need to explore with putting videos on our blog too. Playing tennis - go girl!!! We heard that Tangeld was a cute movie! How fun for Catherine to go to her 1st movie. Looks like yall had a great Christmas - so happy to hear! Happy 2011! Praying it's a great one with you 3!

and ps - I think it's awesome that she eats corn for breakfast! I have an delicious corn souflee recipe - wonder if she would like that too :)

Renee said...

donnie just went up like a million points in my book for reading Twilight. and if he ends up Team Edward, he earns a million more :)

and Catherine- i love, love, love you little one! so glad you had a great Christmas! you have the sweetest face and all your pics just make me so happy! if you ever wanna watch a movie and share a bowl of popcorn w/bailey, let us know! toy story 3 is on repeat at our house almost every other day :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE!!! Mmmm, love it all (and possibly even more that Donnie was caught reading Twilight...I haven't even read those ;) ) Love you, donnie and Cath-ren!

thedunns said...

so, it's pretty obvious that Catherine is adorable and all, but seriously, the pic of Donnie reading Twilight just made my day (and it made me laugh out loud!) So glad y'all got to spend Christmas here with your families & the snow!! So sad we couldn't see you though :(

Hannah D said...

Oh my gracious what a big girl Catherine is getting to be! Love all of the sweet pictures of ya'll at Christmas, so fun! I love that you caught Donnie reading Twilight and LOVE the reason he was reading it even more!!!

Um, so didn't know you were a Twilight fanatic my friend--right there with you! Girl, I read the books in 1 week. Um, yes I do mean all 4 of them...what? is that not normal?!...


Nancy said...

Katie, I used to follow your blog all the time, but somehow lost your blog address. I just recently found it again and realized that you have moved to Greenville! We also live in Greenville and have much experience at Greenville Memorial and also MUSC. We LOVE Dr. Hebra. He operated on our daughter a little over a year ago. He is absolutely wonderful.

If you would like, please email me at nancyrellis @ gmail. com (no spaces). I have several connections from our many trips to MUSC. I can put you in touch with a wonderful organization who can help with housing and meals and such when the time comes for Catherine to have her next surgery.

I'm so glad that I found your blog again! Catherine looks wonderful, despite the obstacles that she has had to overcome.