Thursday, April 4, 2013

Adam at 4 months

here you are, sweet little adam, in all your four months old glory:

~ weight: 16 pounds 3 ounces (65 percentile)
~length: 26.75 inches (95 percentile)
~head circumference:   (50 percentile)

in the last two months you have:
~grown 2 inches
~gained 4 pounds
~laughed at us a lot, the sweetest sweetest sound=) you especially like to laugh at your sister when she's crying. she does not appreciate it, but your laugh helps her forget about whatever made her start crying!
~rolled over - back to front on march 24, and front to back somewhere around there as well. i'm not completely sure it was on purpose because you haven't done either very much since, but it happened!
~started looking for your sister-i wish we could record the way her face lights up when she sees that you're noticing her. the other day she did something that made you laugh and she looked up at me with these bright smiling eyes and said "mommy do you think he likes me?!?!" she is your biggest fan. well, one of your top three=)

here are some of the outtakes when we were trying to get your four month photo taken...

"what's this green guy doing?"

"i think i'll eat him"

"nope. i'll just eat my fingers..."

"wait. what's my sister doing over there?"

there you are, sweet boy. you are the cutest and i still get so giddy just thinking about you. when you were a newborn and would wake me up crying in the middle of the night wanting to eat, i remember i would get butterflies in my stomach when i couldn't get you food to you quick enough. like i was so excited to be the one to give you what you needed, or hang out with you a little, even if it was at 3am. and i wondered if that would go away, that giddy butterflies feeling. and it hasn't. looking at that last picture even now i feel them in my stomach, and when i go into you room in the morning and watch you start to focus on my face and then i see your big smile as you realize i'm there to get you out of bed. or when i watch you bob your little head when you're trying to hold it up. i still feel giddy then. and i'm guessing i will when we're watching your first soccer game. or when you graduate from high school. and when you get married. we love you sweet boy. i feel like my heart can't contain all that love. you are the sweetest most cuddly thing and i am so lucky to be your mama=)

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