Thursday, April 11, 2013

four months as a family of four

a bunch of pictures to catch us up on what's been going on in our house since we've become a family of four...

four of my favorite boys=)


another favorite=) there's another fantastic outtake from this little photo session between amy and myself, but it's reserved for amy to pull out when she's having a bad day;)

my brother nathan and my dad. another favorite. i have too many.

grandmama holding adam like papa always used to hold his grandbabies

the day we brought him home=) little bity peanut.

have mercy

he looks like a little dinosaur here. i love it=)

favorite #4=)

donnie and catherine trying to make a sad face like adam.

i love this because it shows that catherine can hardly contain herself she's so excited about him=)

about a month ago it was catherine's turn to bring home fortune the panda, the class "pet." here he is eating breakfast with her.

uncle nathan got adam this batman costume for christmas, so here are my superhero babies=)

catherine and hazel at easter

adam and grandypa rocking the sticker earrings that catherine and hazel got in their easter baskets!

i can't quite explain why i like this picture, but i do. i really do.

easter morning. he wasn't happy. but i sure was.

sass mcgee.

easter family picture. i kind of love it.

oh good gracious.


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