Wednesday, April 24, 2013

what catherine thinks it means to love someone

this is a conversation that catherine and i had this morning. it's a little sweet, a little funny, and a little weird, but all in all i love it and i want to remember the way catherine's precious little 4 year old brain works=) 

catherine: "Mommy-let's talk in spanish."
mama: "ok. te quiero. that means i love you."
catherine: "te quiero him." (pointing to adam)
mama: "catherine-what does it mean if you love someone?"
catherine: " means you help them. and you have play dates with them. and you watch them when they die. like we did with papa."

also, adam-your first tooth broke through over the weekend! your bottom right one came first, and now your bottom left one has popped through too.

this is how you feel about it: 

actually, it hasn't been too bad. you're definitely a little grumpier than normal-your sleep is just a little off and you want to be held more. and you're not eating quite as much. but it still doesn't take much to get you to smile at us so we won't complain!

look what else we tried out today. haven't even taken the tags off, apparently. 

love you my sweet babies. y'all are growing up way too fast=) 



Raelyn said...

I'm back!! See, I have been absent from people's Blogs of late. Working hard on Little Miss Secretive Writing Project. Well, it is complete, at last!! {Lord willing. He calls the shots!!} Oh, it feels so good to be back!! ;)
What a sweet story!! I liked it!! ;-D
Adam has a great smile. I am smitten!! Hee, hee, hee.... ;)

RCA said...

nice post! :)