Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"Jesus was born..."

hi love=)

we're pretty excited about christmas at the davis house. we decorated before thanksgiving even got here and we listen to christmas music at home and in the car all day every day and we read christmas books every night before we go to bed. you now know that we celebrate christmas because Jesus was born on that day lots of years ago. you know that mary is His mommy and "jofef" is His daddy and there's an angel and a star involved...you also learned that Jesus made you better when you were a baby and so sick. you see pictures of yourself as a baby in the hospital and you say "baby cat-n sick"...and you not only tell me that Jesus made you better but that He also made mommy better. yes my sweet girl-He did indeed make mommy better. i think i froze and didn't say anything for a few seconds when i heard your sweet voice say that=) hands down one of my favorite things you've ever said. do you have any idea the depths of those words that came from your sweet little mouth? that Jesus really did, and nothing less than the greatest miracle in all history, make everyone all "better". purified and white as snow. that He died on a cross and forgave all of our sins and redeemed us from the pits. you kind of get it...one second i think that you're supernaturally understanding it all and then you say that, in addition to cat-n and mommy and daddy and gigi and jackson, He also made elmo and big bird better. so in your sweet 2-year-old mind, you get it=) i couldn't possibly be more proud. below this is a video of a few of our "Jesus was born and He made catherine better" lessons. enjoy=)

i love you sweet angel. you are our heart's delight and i'm so excited to celebrate Jesus' birthday with you and your sweet daddy.



Emilie Smith said...

oh, that is the sweetest thing! love her : )

Erin said...

Oh goodness...crying here. Praise HIM!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So amazing :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Catherine with all of us. She truely reminds us of Jesus' love!