Monday, December 6, 2010

october/november and thanksgiving pictures

at the end of october mommy had a conference in atlanta and you got to stay at gigi and grandaddy's house. jackson got a new puppy for his birthday and you loved meeting him! here are some pictures from that week...

running after charlie the puppy.


a rare moment of bashful.

sweet angel.

back at and max. i love your sweet goofy personality=)

i came in to check on you before i went to bed and this is what i saw. the picture doesn't do it justice, but you were sprawled out across your entire bed. make yourself comfy, sweet girl.

this is one of my favorites=) looking sporty and ready for the cold!!!

finger-painting a masterpiece


showing me the tiger ornament.

you wanted so badly to wake up max!! you settled for quietly watching him sleep=)

laughing hysterically at susie=)

aunt elaine and daddy doing who knows what at thanksgiving. we love them=)

the davis family thanksgiving picture=)

you and sweet hazel playing in the tent.

you two were pretty fascinated by the fish that were going in your uncle's tank. in about 2 minutes, your arm slips and you fall halfway into this bucket.

silly catherine with grandypa and susie

BIG D!!!!!

we got to spend some thanksgiving time at big d's farm with aunt nikki, aunt elaine, and uncle keith. what fun=)

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