Wednesday, December 15, 2010

catherine goes to the zoo, christmas prom, etc...

hi love=)

here are some fun things we've been doing over the last few weeks.

we took you to the zoo in greenville and had lots of fun!

you're waving at your monkey friend. i think it was a gibbon? is that right?

i love this picture of you. you were so excited about our christmas tree and the ornaments. "oh-muh-nents." you would tell us that bob was your favorite (bob the tomato) and that the tiger was daddy's favorite. i asked which one was mommy's favorite and you pointed to one of our "baby's first christmas" ornaments. fair enough=)

christmas is absolutely magical with a sweet little girl in our home. i remember being little and feeling all "magical-y" on christmas eve because the whole world was anticipating together and watching the sky for santa claus to come...and what fun that was. and now it's magical all over again, but in a very different way. i like the kind of magical with you in the house the best=)

4th annual "christmas prom" in richmond, virginia=)

i'd like to highlight the half of josh and his date that we can see. way to go, josh.

gosh, we miss these friends.

this is funny because we were taking couple pictures. when it got to be mine and daddy's turn you looked up and just walked right over to where we were posing. like "of course i belong in this picture too. those are my people." i love it. i also love how you look like a little ragamuffin=)

your smile makes me laugh=)

merry christmas season sweet baby=) i love you.



Erin said...

Love love love that dress.

Renee said...

love that little Popeye smile in the last picture! ha! she's such a sweet little goofball! love it :)