Sunday, December 19, 2010

post-op day 2

hi love.

you've had a pretty good day. they are, of course, worried about all your thick secretions you can't seem to get up. and i am, of course, wondering if any of them would like me to say "i told you so". i promise that is the only bitter comment i'll make=)

last night your sats were dropping a little because of all the mucous and it hurt when you would try to cough it up so you'd try to not we didn't sleep much. today you have been such a brave girl walking through the halls and going from toy to toy in the playroom and sitting on daddy's lap blowing party kazoos and drawing...all this was done with the goal of getting all the secretions up. and it's working! you're still pretty junky, but your sats are improving and you're tolerating all the movement better and better each time we get you out of bed. (you still fuss and say "mommy mommy! tummy hurting!!" while we're walking down the hall, but you're getting the job done.) all this movement has also helped your bowels kick into gear. you passed some gas earlier this afternoon and daddy and i started squealing and throwing a mini party in your room. so hopefully soon you'll be able to drink and if you do ok with that you can eat and if all goes well you're one great big step closer to going home!!!

i'm very proud of you sweet love. you've worked very hard today!


ps. (i like ps's lately, don't i??) a few hours have passed since i wrote that first paragraph...they let you eat some italian ice and jello and broth and guess what!!! you pooped!!! your colon is definitely spasming when you pass gas and right before you pooped...i'm very sad about that. but i'm so thankful your bowels woke up and are cooperating!!! it's funny that it's a very specific answer to prayer, but it sure is=)

here's a video of you right after surgery. we'd gotten you back to your room after recovery and were barely awake. you were pretty cute kissing everybody and your new turtle toradol.


Anonymous said...

So sweet Catherine. You keep up that wonderful work you are doing and you will be home soon. I am SO proud of you. :)

Debbie said...

I've been praying for that pooping. Thank you LORD! Love to all-Mama Debbie

DevonLeah said...

Glad she is recovering well and yes, thanking God for passing on gas and bowel movements! Lovin the turtle's name LOL So sorry she reherniated. Camden did at 8 mths old. Really stinks and never gets easier each tiem they need surgery. HUgs and prayers!

carolineb said...

She is so beautiful.

Mrs. Southern said...

I'm glad she is recovering well. Praying for sweet Catherine to continue healing and pooping too! Only a mother can pray for that and understand how a child needs it. :) She is precious and you guys are very blessed with such a beautiful little girl.

carolineb said...

"Terdy's so pretty."

The Madsens said...

Katie, I wept as I watched this sweet, sweet video of Catherine and all of her kisses. The music you have on your blog was playing "Your Beautiful" and it couldn't have been a more appropriate song to be playing while the video was streaming.